An e-commerce company processing millions of transactions each year required a robust solution to tackle potential fraud. With risk being a core component of the business model, the firm was heavily relying on manual reviews, which was becoming highly cumbersome considering the thousands of consumers involved. The company was also struggling to test and deploy risk and data solutions rapidly in new markets or in response to urgent needs.

Platform Solution:

DemystData appended data from multiple sources to create a top of funnel risk score in the US and created ad hoc actionable data packages for further use with high-risk customers. The DemystData platform could simply integrate with other risk platforms to provide real-time responses in less than a second.


  • The DemystData solution was able to identify 10% of customers with 3x higher than average likelihood of fraud
  • The Platform delivered average <1s response times even while processing 10x higher than normal volume
  • After strong results in the US, DemystData expanded the fraud model to European markets and developed country specific solutions in 2 weeks on average