Introducing the DemystData Product Suite

We partner with you to design custom solutions, generate new attributes, optimize workflows, and execute transactions

    Map current process. Quantify drop-offs.

    Estimate approximate improvement from incremental attributes. Calculate lift in conversion. Design scope of study. Identify new data sources.

    DemystData offers a complete workflow optimization solution – as a first step we will work with you to map out your current process, identify potential solutions, and design a study with defined objectives based on current challenges and business goals.

    Unlock Data

    Generate new data assets.

    Create and identify new potential sources of data from internal and external databases.

    Turn difficult upstream databases into machine ready and rectangularlized sources with the Attribute Generator. Host and process messy unstructured data, joined through multi-key fuzzy matching. Denormalize and flatten at scale to create unified, easily accessible attributes. Derive new insights through newly-structured sources and apply to unified and consolidated customer views. Tackle hundreds of TB of data while processing >1m records per hour through linear scaling architecture.

    Transform Data

    When data scientists spend less time on data integration and more time on modeling, you get better models, faster iterations, and proven results.

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    Smarter decisions from better data.

    More granular workflow optimization on a transactional basis allows for maximization of lift, hit rate, accuracy, and compliance alongside minimization of cost and transaction time.

    DemystData’s data science team has honed methods of data triage across 50+ clients and hundreds of use-cases. Based on our collective experiences, we’ve developed a proprietary modeling methodology that cleans, tests, and ranks the most predictive attributes in any dataset. Employ the Optimizer to turn top attributes into smart waterfall attributes, rules, and models that can be hosted and executed in real-time, all while remaining configurable without IT support.

    Harness Data
    Automated Identity Verification

    Validate address, phone, and email address individually and in combination across numerous sources.

    15 Attributes 5 Sources
    Income Consistency

    Compare self-reported income to estimates based on jobtitle, life status, industry, and purchase behavior.

    6 Attributes 10 Sources
    Employment Verification

    Verify an individual's self-reported employment by checking sources including business registration data, company web pages, and self-reported information.

    5 Attributes 5 Sources
    Conversion Triage

    Use email history, demographics, social profiles and more to identify customers likely to qualify and be approved for your products

    30 Attributes 8 Sources
    Lead Prioritization

    Optimize marketing efforts with data useful in segmenting customers and determining suitability for various products.

    25 Attributes 9 Sources

    Use the Engine to connect, define, and execute transactions in real-time

    Use our flexible connectors to hook up to nearly any data source, internal or external.

    Access connected attributes through our custom pack creator or define new ones with dynamic attribute creation. Create packages of desired attributes and execute real-time transactions through batch upload, GUI lookup, or API. Experience sub-second computation time with linear scaling capacity. Start from preconfigured solutions or create your own in minutes.

    Get started today

    Get results you can act upon in under 3 weeks

    A consultation with a DemystData data scientist will enable us to better identify your custom use-case and the optimal data sources (whether that’s internal, external, or a combination of the two), that will improve your workflow through a free setup process.