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Our data services help our clients uncover value from any type of data through our platform: from sourcing the most relevant information and combining powerful attributes, to achieving excellence in data management. With nearly a decade of experience developing solutions for financial services, our team of data scientists has the right expertise to optimize our customers’ data management practices.

  • Data Health Check

    Identify the missing data layer with data expertise and leading cloud-based technology.

    With such a rapidly expanding data ecosystem, remaining on top of emerging data and latest trends can quickly become a burden to any organization, no matter the size. Our data health check service simplifies benchmark reviews of current data access capabilities to ensure institutions make the most of their information. The DemystData Lab also enables our customers to explore the universe of external data to enhance and optmize their data usage. Enrich internal data with an unparalleled breadth of external sources and discover the data that matters to improve results and workflows.

    Key Benefits
    • Find out the data that matters
    • Design new solutions
    • Improve your data strategy
  • Attribute Builder

    Define, configure, and optimize attributes for stronger results.

    Through the DemystData platform, users can map out internal data sources to their given use cases, combine internal and external data points to create more powerful attributes, and prioritize data sources by high marginal benefit. The platform also monitors and flags changes to the underlying data so that users can mitigate any sudden fluctuations in the matching power of given attributes. This service allows our clients to manage data use and make strategic transformations to achieve better results – be it more cost-effective data, stronger attributes and rules, or all of the above.

    Key Benefits
    • Define attributes (Python, Ruby, Lambdas, SQL, Models)
    • Configure connectors
    • Execute attributes in real-time
    • Conduct ongoing attribute monitoring and management
  • Data Management

    Stay compliant with a reliable data management system.

    The DemystData platform is customized to best address the mounting challenge of data management. It captures all transaction-related information, providing our customers with a fully transparent, 360-degree view of data usage within their organizations. The diverse tools and reports also enable them to follow best practices in data management and ensure compliance with their respective guidelines and user-specific restrictions. Key features include data gateway analytics, built-in triggers for suspicious data flows, and data control charts and distribution tracking.

    As part of our centralized platform for data access, we can also handle new data vendor contracting, onboarding and configuration for cost-effective sourcing. We fulfill the info security requirements and ongoing updates in any given geography so that our clients can safely use our platform without any compliance concerns. Our team has already integrated and configured over +10K connectors into the platform, reducing vendor onboarding time from 6-12 months to a couple of weeks.

    Key Benefits
    • Enhance agility for rapid changes to data access
    • Ensure strong info security and compliance
    • Consolidate billing and info security

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