Gateway Series – Fast and Safe Data Integration

Tier 1 financial institutions are catalyzing their data integration and data governance operations today to stay competitive. Here’s how.

One of the biggest issues that plague the financial sector is the difficulty to effectively integrate both traditional and non-traditional data sources.

To solve for this, many financial institutions have begun to utilize the DemystGateway, a cloud based, software-as-a-service middleware that accelerates your integrations and turns your frozen provider connections into dynamic, actionable data channels.


When looking at your various data providers, each comes with its own unique integration that saps both time and efficiency from you and your team’s day-to-day, making it harder to bring on any net new source.

To add onto this, each provider finds new and interesting ways to represent attributes.

With the Demyst SmartSchema your attributes are cleaned, structured and standardized freeing up your teams to focus on what matters, leveraging the capabilities these data attributes bring.


Right now, your existing data integrations are likely locked into a single use case. With the DemystGateway, your integrations become fluid assets.

The DemystGateway unlocks unrealized capabilities like safe, live A/B testing of new providers or passive collection of data for entirely different use cases, generating more value and increasing the return on the data you are already utilizing.

This is all done without disturbing your critical production applications so that your institution can keep its processes running smoothly.

The DemystGateway is your fast, reliable, secure real-time-data access platform. Sounds compelling?

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