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DemystData has partnered with hundreds of data providers across a range of use-cases. Not only can you use the external data from these providers to enhance your decision making, but now you also get a comprehensive look at the underlying attribute and metadata statistics of these external data solutions.

With DemystData’s panel stats feature, you get to know the in-depth performance of the providers over the course of time. We accomplish this by running each data product against a predefined set of inputs in order to present you with valuable stats, like:

  • attribute_consistency_rate : Attribute value consistency from one month to another for the same set of input
  • num_distinct_values : Unique values encountered for the attribute so far
  • field_is_populated_rate : How often we see values populated for the attribute
  • hit_rate : Matches found by the product for the input entity set
  • error_rate : Error rate encountered for the product
Panel Stats from DemystData
Panel Stats from DemystData

Check out our hosted notebooks to see them in action. Want to know even more about panel stats, contact us!

Harshit Singh

Harshit Singh

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