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The more granular the data is, the easier it is for analysts to analyze and save time on mining and handling of large chunks of data. When you access data from different APIs and examine the response attributes, you wonder how effectively you can integrate your data with it and manage it seamlessly. This leads to various questions and possibilities. What if you could integrate similar response attributes from different data products? Won’t that aid in your analysis? It certainly will. Demyst’s Python API can help you with all of those. You can access different data products and their API through a few simple lines and now you can also lookup up for attributes and see which providers can fulfill those attribute requirements for you.

Attribute Search in Demyst Python API

Our attribute_search method will look around 60k attributes in our platform to provide you with a list of data products that contain them. You read that correctly, 60k attributes! And with this list of data products, you can run your input data through them and compare the attribute values. Or average those attribute values. Or run it through a model. Or get in touch with us to help you achieve wonders with the granular data in the form of attributes!

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Harshit Singh

Harshit Singh

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