Jake Moore, Chief Customer Officer

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Jake Moore to Chief Customer Officer. Jake has been with Demyst for 5 years and has delivered value across Demyst’s clients and partners globally. His prior work spanned data science, client delivery, strategic client, vendor and partner management, wherein he worked to deliver solutions for use cases from direct marketing, fraud, pricing and credit scoring, to retention, claims, and portfolio management. As CCO Jake now oversees all sales, strategic partnerships, client implementation and services.

Jake Moore, CCO

In Jake’s words, “We’re further ahead in our data platform capabilities than ever before, and clients that engage us are adopting a new mindset in deriving value from data. They want deep subject matter expertise, configurable technology, transparency, and compliance at the heart of their solution development. And they want to integrate once, across all analytical use cases. Demyst is building a team of experts to help clients capture enduring advantage from the alternative data ecosystem.”

In early 2019, Demyst launched a new API that supports finding and accessing external data through a single platform.

“It’s a simple concept, 1 pipe for customer data” shared Mark Hookey, CEO. “However, the client integration challenges are complex. Jake and our client team have deep technical know-how, data expertise, and the track record of disciplined delivery necessary to work within the complexity of our client systems.”

Demyst is on-boarding new clients and data sources each week, each bringing more value back to our partners.

Explore our market at Demyst.com and reach out to Jake to learn more.

Neil Mclellan

Neil Mclellan

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