IFI CLAIMS Patent Data Is Now Available on Demyst

We are pleased to announce IFI CLAIMS Patent Data is now available on Demyst!

Why Include Patent Data in Your Analysis?

Patent data provides real insight into a company’s full value.  Often there is more value in a company’s patent portfolio than the rest of the balance sheet combined.  Patent data can also be used to target acquisitions and/or provide justification for acquisitions based on complementary technologies.  To see how IFI’s patent data was used in a story about the UTC and Raytheon merger in the Wall Street Journal click here.

Whether it is to validate a company’s viability, determine credit worthiness, or to justify acquisition plans, patents are an essential element for consideration.

How IFI Finds and Curates Patent Data

IFI has been dedicated to enriching and curating detailed patent data since 1955.  IFI specializes in annotating and classifying patent and scientific documentation using expert curators and intelligent technologies.  From drug development to investment banking, patent data can lead to new insights.  Eighty percent of the information found within patent data isn’t available from any other source.

IFI combines patent data from more than 70 sources to provide the richest level of detail available in the industry – far more than can be obtained from a Google search:

  • Name/entity standardization of original and current applicant/assignee names, as well as probable assignee(s)
  • Machine translations of non-English documents
  • Expiration date calculations based on the original filing date and term extensions
  • Patent status of granted patents shows whether the patent is still in force, or in the case of applications, if the application is pending, granted, or inactive
  • Claims summaries

Common Client Use Cases within Financial Services:

  • Public and Private Company Market information readily available
  • Growth of a particular Company based on the number of patents
  • Where a company is investing R&D money

Get access to more than 120 million patent records which are updated daily via Demyst.



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