Garry Wright joins DemystData as Chief Science Officer

New York, N.Y. – October 11, 2019 – As part of our data-first strategy, DemystData today announced that Garry Wright has joined the senior leadership team as Demyst’s lead scientist.  In this newly created role, Garry will improve Demyst’s offering for data scientists everywhere looking to harness data and shape how our data is delivered within our enterprise clients. Garry has deep experience in technical leadership roles across data organizations of all sizes.

“Garry’s experience as a deep technologist and leader creating product-centric data organizations will provide support to our growing client portfolio and team,” said Mark Hookey, CEO of DemystData. “With DemystData, technical leaders at enterprises have less friction and risk to access external data. Garry will help us better deliver our platform and the underlying data to those leaders.”

Garry comes to DemystData after 3 decades leading data businesses at small startups such as Reference Data Factory through to large scale mature institutions such as GoldenSource and State Street, and Thompson Reuters.

“Throughout my career, I have seen many evolutions of the data challenge from enabling decision support, process automation and human consumption trough to the volume, velocity and veracity of today’s machine led consumption,” said Garry. “I’m excited to join Demyst as it represents the latest evolution of how data should be presented and consumed, both technically and commercially. Demyst has the largest ever-widening set of data sets,  sources and value-added features and is by far the finest example of the simplicity and efficiency demanded in the market today.”

DemystData is the leading external data marketplace and helps data scientists tap into the explosive growth of emerging alternate data. The company’s Labs and Live products enable rapid data evaluation and used in partnership with many of the world’s leading data providers. DemystData has offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Melbourne.



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