Meet the CreditorWatch CEO

We recently caught up with Patrick Coghlan, CEO of CreditorWatch, Australia’s leading credit bureau for small-to-medium enterprises.

As one of Demyst’s key data partners, Patrick sat down with our regional director, Fadi Sarkis to talk about CreditorWatch’s recently released products as well as their short and long-term data and technological objectives:

  • Xero and MYOB integrations that allow customers to pull receivables data on a 5-minute cycle to provide more predictive insight into their debtors.
  • The Ultimate Beneficial Owner’s (UBO) report that displays a business’ ownership structures, with percentage breakdowns, to assist with AML/CTF compliance.
  • The launch of a new feature that automatically and continuously analyses customer data to indicate an eligible counter-party payment default.
  • Entity resolution capabilities to strengthen the understanding of a business’s network (directors, executives, trust) and the affiliated credit risk at hand.

To learn more about CreditorWatch’s offerings, you can visit their website and if you want to access their range of data available via API, please reach out to



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