The Largest External Data Marketplace

Data scientists are trying to capture value from external data attributes. Demyst believes that evaluating, testing, and using new data should be frictionless.

...however data scientists face major hurdles in leveraging external data


10 new data products / week:

How can data scientists stay aware of the relevant emerging data sources?


6 months & 100k:

How can data buyers understand value without costly and timely onboarding?


90% of vendors with gaps:

How can CDO's manage data governance across hundreds of niche data partners?

Explore our growing data marketplace to find more information about your customers

The Demyst Platform


Access the largest data marketplace to discover all the attributes that will yield new insights

  • Access to over 100,000 third party data attributes from hundreds of sources
  • All data included for non-commercial use to support analytics and evaluation
  • APIs for batch testing and discovery
  • Modeling and attribute triage
  • Attribute selection and packaging


Combine and deploy attributes at scale in production

  • Access all available external data for commercial decision making
  • APIs for batch enrichment, realtime pipe configuration, real-time access, and usage monitoring


Ingest data sets from multiple data vendors at scale into your data lake

  • External data quality and governance reports and tools
  • Enterprise data ingestion workflows and flexible configuration

Our team and platform span a wide range of use cases





Common Use Cases & Key Attributes

Consumer Fraud

  • Email verification
  • Phone type (Prepaid, phones)
  • Address verification
  • Criminal history
  • Negative online sentiment

Commercial Marketing Segmentation

  • Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Business type
  • Job postings online
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • (Demographics, home prices, crime rates, foot and car traffic)
  • Purchase intent

Property Risk

  • Permit details (Floors, age, construction type)
  • Environmental hazard (Fire, flood, earthquake, emergency response)
  • Geolocation
  • Demographics (Crime, transit, schools)

About Demyst

DemystData was founded upon the premise that even though there is an abundance of data nowadays, financial institutions are still struggling to access and leverage that information to the benefit of the end customer. Our mission is to mobilize this universe of data to help unlock access to financial services for millions of customers around the world.

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