The External Data Market

Data scientists need a safe, fast, and easy way to evaluate, test, and use external data.

Data leaders depend on the Demyst Platform

Free Data Discovery
  • Identify high quality attribute sets
  • Objective statistical evaluation and screening
  • Stay educated on the expanding ecosystem
Higher Data ROI
  • Match to your data and model in minutes
  • Start small, buy small, and scale-up utilization
  • Eliminate extraneous data infrastructure costs
Reduce Risk
  • Certified vendor ecosystem
  • Single contract with market leading terms
  • Better SLAs and substantially higher uptime

Discover and access the best sources of customer information from a single marketplace

The Demyst Platform


Access the largest data marketplace to discover all the attributes that will yield new insights

  • Access to over 100,000 third party data attributes from hundreds of sources
  • All data included for non-commercial use to support analytics and evaluation
  • APIs for batch testing and discovery
  • Modeling and attribute triage
  • Attribute selection and packaging


Combine and deploy attributes at scale in production

  • Access all available external data for commercial decision making
  • APIs for batch enrichment, realtime pipe configuration, real-time access, and usage monitoring


Ingest linked, full file, scaling external data assets into your data lake

  • External data quality and governance reports and tools
  • Centralized panel and full file data creation and access
  • Enterprise data ingestion workflows and flexible configuration

Our platform is growing across regions and verticals




Common Data Entities & Use Cases

Digital Onboarding

  • Automated customer verification (email, employment, address, phone)

  • SME pre-fill and onboarding workflows

  • Consumer and property pre-fill

Targeted Marketing

  • Small business firmographics (revenue, employee size, industry, online trends)

  • Neighborhood characteristics (footfall, business trends, demographics, crime rates

  • Consumer intent (Purchase, search, life stage)

Manage Risk

  • Identity and synthetic fraud detection across 20+ sources

  • Environmental hazards (Fire, flood, earthquake, emergency response)

  • Alternative credit scoring (consumer and small business)

About Demyst

Data scientists find it increasingly challenging, expensive, and risky to harness the explosion of emerging external data.

DemystData’s vision is that accessing structured, compliant and impactful external data should be painless and frictionless. Our mission is to help data scientists access information through a marketplace for discovery, testing, and deployment of third party data enabled solutions across the customer lifecycle.

Our clients include some of the world’s leading banks, insurers, and consulting organizations who leverage our platform to launch new digital products, conduct realtime risk reviews, reduce fraud, and improve data governance and compliance.

New York | Hong Kong | Singapore | Melbourne

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