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Guiding Mission

DemystData was founded upon the premise that even though there is an abundance of data nowadays, financial institutions are still struggling to access and leverage that information to the benefit of the end customer. Our mission is to mobilize this universe of data to help unlock access to financial services for millions of customers around the world.

Solve Global Problems and Make an Impact

Immersive Growth

Immerse yourself in an ecosystem of strategic business challenges and opportunities in banking or insurance, awe-inspiring data access, and a collaborative, flat team.

Exhilarating Opportunity

Grow a $203 billion market by helping financial services providers access, explore, test, and solve identity verification, fraud, compliance, and attrition use cases with data.

Tangible Social Impact

Design solutions to improve financial products and address the needs of 40% of the world’s population who is still underbanked today.

Why Join?

We serve leading financial institutions around the world so our offices are located in key financial centers. Our results and people focused culture is an environment where you can collaborate transparently, drive results, and build relationships with colleagues and customers globally.

We value the wellbeing of our employees and believe that having a healthy workforce is essential to the growth of our company. Our comprehensive health coverage includes medical, vision, and dental.

We balance a results-driven, client-centric culture with family leave policies, paid time off, and flexible working arrangements. 

We strive to create a diverse, enriched work environment for our employees. Our people come from a variety of geographies, backgrounds, and sectors and our different viewpoints allow us to be innovative and creative in our problem solving. Plus, we actually like each other’s company and enjoy socializing beyond our work day.

At DemystData everyone is an owner. This ethos empowers our employees to develop solutions to address our clients’ needs.

We offer up to US$500 toward any work related educational experience so our staff can keep growing as professionals.

Life at DemystData

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