Data Spotlight: CreditorWatch

Have you tried the recently added Creditorwatch APIs on the Demyst platform?

Creditorwatch is an Australian commercial credit bureau which provides credit risk information on every registered business entity in Australia including sole traders, partnerships & trusts.

They obtain their core data from government sources including ASIC, ABR , AFSA and Australian courts – common to all credit bureaux. This base-level information is complemented through unique data assets from trusted private sources such as mercantile agents, Xero and MYOB and their 50,000+ customers lodging payment defaults and sharing their receivables. All of this data is distilled into three simple-to-use APIs available for testing today via the Demyst platform:

1. Custom Credit Report contains:

  • ABR Summary – ABN , Registered business name, trading name, ABN status, entity type.
  • ASIC extract – Current directors & officeholders, any adverse cross directorships, director addresses, registered company address and principle place of business, share capital, share interests.
  • Credit Report –Credit Enquiries, CreditorWatch Payment defaults, court judgements, mercantile enquiries, insolvency notices,.

2. Scored Credit Report contains everything from Custom Credit Report PLUS

  • Credit Score – Current and historical credit score and risk of failure in the next 12 months.
  • Payment Predictor – Trade Payment data, industry comparison.

3. Comprehensive Credit Report contains everything from Scored Credit Report PLUS

  • All of the above plus Security interests found within the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

Please reach out to a Demyst team member to learn more about how you can tap into Australia’s proliferating external data market

Varun Chitale

Varun Chitale

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