Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to join DemystData.

I’ve always been interested in solving the biggest problems of the time. I started my career in consulting where I focused on digital transformations and M&A implementation, as well as leading a new venture in digital media in the pre-Netflix/Spotify era. It quickly become clear that data access and getting more insight from all types of data were becoming some of the leading challenges for large-scale organizations.

On a personal front I was also eager to join a fast moving company where I could take on more responsibilities and have greater ownership over my projects. As part of my MBA, I was spending a semester at Cornell University in New York City. While doing some networking, I came across DemystData and really loved the role the company was establishing for itself within the fintech landscape.

I was particularly attracted to the fact that DemystData was trying to grow both sides of the value chain – the niche data vendors as well as the larger financial institutions – by making it easier for both parties to engage to the benefit of the end customers. To me this was a stark difference to other players in the market that were trying to squeeze the competition out rather than facilitate greater collaboration and exchange.

In terms of my role, it was an opportunity to further develop a growing market for the company and drive my own initiatives and client relationships. So this just seemed like a great fit overall.

As you mentioned, DemystData Australia is in an exciting phase of growth. Can you tell us about your work in the region?

We’re lucky that Australia punches well above its weight in financial services, as well as customer centricity. This is a mature market with a developed banking culture that understands the value that DemystData brings to the table. So many projects are in the works. On top of a rapidly growing account with one of Australia’s largest banks, we’re also seeing great traction in insurance as well as smaller lenders.

What do you find most stimulating in your day-to-day?

Our clients are looking for a trusted partner to help them navigate the data landscape, so every day is rewarding and filled with new challenges and responsibilities.

DemystData combines solving a huge industry challenge, working in an exciting and fast-paced startup environment, and serving highly complex financial organizations. Every situation is a bit different so each conversation offers a fresh and interesting perspective.

On the data front, the landscape is constantly evolving, and is offering enormous opportunities to companies, the value of which they don’t even realize. On the financial services side, I get to help clients take big ideas to fruition and break into new customer segments. The potential growth is limitless.

What would you tell a junior data scientist who is interested in a career in the fintech space?

As you know, data science is about problem solving. This means having the curiosity to truly understand the business problem, the creativity to find the solution, and then most importantly, the ability to communicate this back to the business.

Data science within the fintech space is particularly challenging and exciting as the types of problems at stake are changing every day. Working with a company like DemystData will give you an opportunity to problem solve critical challenges with some of the world’s largest financial institutions to open new doors for millions of consumers. I think this is where the future is going so this would be a strong career move.

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