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DemystData partners with trusted data vendors. We curate our marketplace with data products that enhance your analytical needs.

Common Use Cases & Key Attributes

Consumer Fraud

  • Email verification
  • Phone type (Prepaid, phones)
  • Address verification
  • Criminal history
  • Negative online sentiment

Commercial Marketing Segmentation

  • Revenue
  • Employee Size
  • Business type
  • Job postings online
  • Neighborhood characteristics
  • (Demographics, home prices, crime rates, foot and car traffic)
  • Purchase intent

Property Risk

  • Permit details (Floors, age, construction type)
  • Environmental hazard (Fire, flood, earthquake, emergency response)
  • Geolocation
  • Demographics (Crime, transit, schools)

Are you unlocking the full potential of your data?

We help our customers find the data that matters, quickly & securely, without the legal hassles.

Data Enrichment

Our extensive data marketplace is available to explore at no cost! You can browse hundreds of data products, search for specific data attributes, understand how you can utilize various datasets, and download sample data for each product.

When you are ready to enrich your own data for further testing, you can purchase credits to access the live database through our Platform or API, and return enriched data with the attributes you need. Our batch process enables you to access multiple data products all in one output, where you control the cost by how many records you run.

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