Demyst announces the launch of DemystLabs for self-service data discovery

Accelerating the future of data access

New York, NY – March 15, 2018

Demyst is pleased to announce the arrival of DemystLabs 2.0, the first of its kind self-service data discovery tool connecting institutions with the world’s leading data providers, on demand.

Demyst’s VP of Product, Jason Mintz, recalls the impetus for the self-discovery tool: “Before a financial institution can implement a new decisioning system it must go through the long process of identifying, contracting, and appending data from various potential data sources…and that’s before they even know if the data has any value!”

The DemystLabs platform allows clients to jump-start data discovery efforts and brings the world of data to clients’ fingertips.

DemystLabs has been built and iterated on the collective feedback of over 100 clients in 15 global markets during Demyst’s seven years as a leading technology solutions provider. The connections and IP built into DemystLabs are backed by the world’s most powerful data assets learned from over 700 million processed data transactions and 9,000 studies we’ve conducted on behalf of financial services clients.

A product to solidify a founding mission

Demyst was founded upon the principle that reducing barriers to information access can fundamentally shift the ways in which financial institutions reach the next wave of customers and businesses. Financial institutions know that capitalizing on various customer growth opportunities such as automating identity verification, running deeper credit analysis, and improved risk-based pricing, all require tapping into the explosive growth of available data.

DemystLabs – Data at your fingertips

DemystLabs is now available to search and explore for free. Users can discover new data by searching data provider, use case, data attribute, geographical context and customer segment. To learn more about DemystLabs and to sign-up for your Discovery access, please click here.




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