Demyst types

Demyst validates all received inputs before sending to provider. Required formats are as follows:

Data Type Description Example
blob Base64-encoded binary data RGVteXN0
business_name The name of a company Demyst Data Ltd.
city The name of a city New York City
country Must be a 2 or 3 character iso code or US, AU, SG
domain An internet domain name
email_address An email address
first_name A first name John
full_name A full name John Doe
gender A gender or abbreviation m, male, f, female
ip4 IP address (version 4)
last_name A last name Smith
latitude Number between -90.090.0 40.7
longitude Number between -180.0180.0 -73.9
marital_status A marital status or abbreviation m, married, s, single, …
middle_name A middle name Rupert
number A number. Supports integral and decimal numbers of arbitrary size and precision 42
percentage A number between 0.0 and 100.0 99%, 99
phone Country dependent, for US must be 10 digits without leading one or 11 digits with, area code must be valid 917-475-1881
post_code If US 5 or 9 digit postcode, dash or no dash separating. other countries need be non empty 10001
sic_code A Standard Industrial Classification code. 4 digit character string 2024
state If US it must be a valid 2 character state code or state name. Empty otherwise NY, New York
street Non-empty. A street name 100 Main St
string A character string foo
url A Uniform Resource Locator. Starts with http: or https:
us_ein An Employer Identification Number. Dashes and spaces stripped from input by us, must be 9 numeric character string 12-3456789
us_ssn A Social Security Number. Dashes and spaces stripped from input by us, must be 9 numeric character string 078-05-1120
us_ssn4 The last four digits of a Social Security Number 1120
year_month A particular month of a year. In format yyyy-MM 2019-01
year A year 2019
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