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Portfolio monitoring with LexisNexis data

Access the Demyst Platform and create data APIs that address portfolio monitoring with external data sourced from LexisNexis and many other data providers.

External Data Source


LexisNexis Risk Solutions uses Big Data, proprietary linking, and targeted solutions to provide insights that help make organizations more secure and efficient. Reduce Risk with Data On Demand. LexisNexis Risk Solutions provides small business profile and risk information.

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Unlock value with LexisNexis data for portfolio monitoring

Attributes from LexisNexis data connectors are accessible from a single, secure, and low-code API.

  • Evaluate LexisNexis data and enrich it with your own data

  • Manage costs with transparent pricing and custom contracts

  • Access Demyst's API documentation to easily integrate and deploy data APIs

  • Apply waterfall logic to customize your API to fit your needs

All of your data needs in one place

Deploy and manage your APIs with the B2B Demyst SaaS Platform.

  • Monitor API performance and data spend with visualizations oftransaction reports, response times and average latency, match rate and fill rate reports, and more

  • Manage authentication to your APIs with HTTP requests OAuth, JWT (JSON Web Tokens), and API keys, and selectively return data in either JSON or flat files.

  • The Demyst platform is not just Software as a Service (SaaS), but Data as a Service (DaaS). Access Demyst's algorithmic recommendation engine to find the data to fit your needs, or speak with industry experts to get the most out of external data

External data powers portfolio monitoring

A FI’s existing customer retention and cross-sell strategy is a function of the amount of information available about an existing customer. Knowing which customers are likely to churn or which you are not capturing their entire share of wallet is necessary to not waste retention marketing resources, or impact customer experience by conducting outreach to non-churning customers. By leveraging external data sources, a bank or insurer can monitor changes in a customer's enriched profile, such as lifestage, lifestyle or property attributes as indications of new cross-sell opportunities or risks of retention. Using an extended set of variables about each customer and actual churn experiences, a bank or insurer's can develop propensity to churn models specific to the bank's experience to further focus retention efforts with optimal offers, prompts and assistance.

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