Life at DemystData: From Finance in Sydney to Fintech in New York

In fintech, a successful partnership hinges on the seamless integration of new products with clients’ existing systems. At DemystData, the team that is charged with this responsibility is the Customer Success group. This week, we speak with Engagement Manager, Hayley Long, to learn more about her experience and what implementation at DemystData looks like.

Tell us what brought you to DemystData?

I’m originally from Australia with a background in both engineering and finance. Prior to joining DemystData, I was a Foreign Exchange Trader at one of Australia’s most established financial institutions.

After experiencing firsthand the traditional internal systems at a leading bank, I knew that I wanted to explore an industry that challenged problems typically associated with large institutions, and that was able to provide nimble, modern solutions to long-standing issues.

While national banks are extremely well equipped and have the resources to service customers at scale, it’s no secret that they often find it quite challenging to drive rapid innovative change from within. Moving into fintech – and more specifically to DemystData – was therefore a natural evolution.

Data is at the heart of improving financial services and can really act as a silver bullet if used properly. With DemystData, I was particularly drawn to the fact that we’re not only disrupting the industry but providing value-add to the financial and insurance institutions with which we work.

Could you please describe your role for our readers?

As an Engagement Manager, I work with our clients to ensure the seamless integration of our product. It is my responsibility to identify our customers’ pain points and match them with our product capabilities. Each institution functions differently so the challenge of understanding their specific challenges and how DemystData can add value is a stimulating intellectual exercise. It involves understanding their ecosystem, their software and data management infrastructure, but also their regulatory requirements and constraints.

What was it like to move from an established institution to an agile fintech?

You require a certain skill-set, one that can both adapt to a rapidly changing environment but can also lend itself to an established institution. Being intellectually nimble and able to wear ‘all hats’ is a startup standard. That’s what makes every day so exciting and different.

Joining a startup also involves a progressive work environment. The team is very international and scattered across the globe so the emphasis is less on traditional standards and more on everyone being heavily invested in a common project.

What’s your favorite thing about the DemystData culture?

Our clients frequently tell us that one of the things they value the most at DemystData is the people. There is a reason for that. The team is particularly smart, driven, and committed to going above and beyond for our customers, and it’s great to be a part of this effort.

No day is the same. As our product evolves and our team grows, we’re continuously faced with new challenges and work collaboratively to solve these issues.

I’m fortunate to work with a group of highly driven individuals and have direct access to the C-suite as we frequently engage in discussions to ensure our product set and client servicing is exceeding our customers’ expectations.



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