Fall Online Lending Meetup | October 19, 2017, New York

Orchard Platform and DemystData invite you to join our teams along with FinTech leaders for an evening of drinks, pizza and networking and to hear from our featured speakers on the importance of standardized, actionable data.

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About Orchard Platform:

Orchard Platform has built a centralized marketplace where loan originators and institutional investors can come together to explore and evaluate opportunities for funding, buying, and selling loans. By providing a global network of institutional buyers and sellers with high-quality data services, advanced analytics and reporting, and robust capital management tools through an innovative, end-to-end platform, Orchard has created a smarter way for participants in the private credit markets to interact, evaluate deals, and move forward with simple and complex transactions more efficiently.

About DemystData:

DemystData is a software provider that helps financial institutions harness the explosive growth of data to serve more customers. Its cloud-based platform allows clients to explore and integrate new data more rapidly and gain a 360-degree view of data usage within their organizations.

Financial institutions leverage DemystData’s software services to extend credit to new segments of customers, combat fraud, strengthen compliance, and reduce data managements costs.


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