One of the World’s Largest People Databases – Data Spotlight

The product team at Demyst is proud to announce that as of today, People Data Labs has been fully onboarded within the Demyst Marketplace and is available for data discovery, data testing, and deployment.  We will be hosting the full file within our data lake, so we are also pleased to provide this information for highly available use-cases and massive appends.
Financial institutions the world over are currently struggling with a critical problem – there are more people than ever before that are eligible to receive credit, but country-specific data assets identifying (a) education, (b) employer, and (c) current contact details are either difficult to access or underdeveloped.  Without access to reliable data, customer onboarding depends on painfully slow processes developed decades ago that inevitably constrain credit growth.

People Data Labs has tackled this problem head-on by developing a global network of partners that contribute people data to its opt-in consortium periodically.  To-date, they have amassed over 1.5 Billion (not a typo) individuals within this unique data product, with the flexibility to search for an individual by any combination of:

  1. Name
  2. Company
  3. Email (try personal and business for best results!)
  4. Social Profile

Demyst can also facilitate custom searches and large lists of on-demand (production use cases). Log-in to Demyst today to see what People Data Labs can do for your organization!

Be on the lookout for our weekly Data updates!

Harshit Singh

Harshit Singh

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