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The burden of integration commonly erodes business cases and slows the time to value for external data.

In Demyst’s experience, it typically takes 10 or more months for an organization to implement a single data source into production on their own. The internal costs of integrating a single data source for production use are high, particularly when the data source is not tested and proven, and only multiplies as new data sources are added, each with their own architecture and requirements. In particular, technical resources constraints to project manage & productionalise data are a common blocker.

How Demyst helps

When deploying with Demyst, the experience is the same, independent of the upstream data source

  • Never worry about SOAP vs RESTful APIs or synchronous vs asynchronous responses again

  • Experience standardized error management, even across Data Providers

  • Manage inconsistent timeouts and response times from different Data Providers in one place

Flexibility in integration destination to suit all needs

  • Easily build, consume and manage HTTPS APIs that provide the external data and customised logic you need to power core applications, data workflows or pull directly into your CRM

  • Simplify the ingestion of bulk files of external data from multiple different sources into your data lake or data warehouse, including S3, SFTP, Snowflake secure data share, Delta files & more

Combine multiple data sources into a single API integration

  • Waterfall inputs between data sources or add redundancy data sources to optimise fill-rates while managing cost

  • Configurable normalised interface layer to clean and standardise the common data entities entering your downstream applications, like business name

  • Leverage Demyst’s entity resolution to optimize for match rate and quality when combining multiple data connectors

Demyst’s platform is designed with the capabilities you need to deploy data faster

Deploy data in seconds with Data API

Build HTTP API's with Demyst’s proprietary language to power your core applications with external data.

  • Apply your own custom logic or models on top of multiple data sources

  • Quickly switch data sources to iterate solutions and improve for performance or cost

  • Build redundancies to ensure your applications remain healthy

Build a Data API

Deploy into cloud or on-premise with Data Share

Ingest files of external data from multiple sources into your data lake or data warehouse.

  • Access files of data as an alternative to transacting with Data APIs

  • Periodic data delivery through S3 or SFTP, secure table sharing via Snowflake, streaming via delivery of incremental delta files via DataBricks, and more

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Deploy quicker using template solutions with Recipes

Use template Data API configurations pre-built by Demyst for getting started on common business problems.

  • Combines multiple sources of data with out of the box business logic

  • Clone a Recipe into a Data API you can test and start customizing in seconds

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How the Demyst platform helps you overcome other external data challenges

What industry leaders are saying about Demyst

We wouldn't have been as good at what we are doing had we not had a partner like Demyst that can flip on data, data partners and data channels effectively overnight, and advise us on the other data channels and data partners we should be looking at for our benefit. Time to market with a partner like Demyst was and is crucial for our success, especially our early success.

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Lanehart
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