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Efficacy in solving strategic use cases with external data is limited by your organization's ability to perform data discovery efficiently.

Becoming aware of, searching, and testing the ecosystem of thousands of potential external data providers represents a significant upfront cost, often borne regardless of the value of the data. Each data provider has its own ways of advertising, organizing, pricing, licensing, formatting and delivering data, making comparison difficult, with information on the quality, coverage and provenance of data hard to confirm before directly testing. A common outcome is a lengthy onboarding process and hours spent testing data that turns out to not be viable.

How Demyst helps

Expert guidance on the right data for your needs

  • Demyst’s library of data connectors and recipes is full of informative metadata so you can easily curate based off data category, use case, country and more

  • Prove match rates by comparing data sources against your own customer set or leverage our manufactured statistical metadata created using known consumers or businesses

Instantly test data from hundreds of already integrated data connectors

  • Read data dictionaries, or test each data connector instantly to validate fit for purpose

  • Run batch enrichments to compare data coverage specific to your organization

  • Easily request new data to be added if you are looking for something new

Demyst stays ahead of the curve in best in class data and solutions for your industry

  • With over 10 years of operating in the external data space codified in our platform and available through our domain SMEs, the Demyst team provides the deep domain expertise required for you to effectively solve your business problems with external data

  • Demyst is not a data owner itself and so is agnostic to particular providers, allowing Demyst to optimize the right solutions, including for cost

Demyst’s platform is designed with the capabilities you need to discover and validate the right data

Find the right data with Data Catalog

Access hundreds of already integrated sources, or easily request something new.

  • Explore our most popular data and recipes

  • Search, filter and be recommended data with tags by country, data type, use case and more

  • View data descriptions and dictionaries to rapidly assess fit for your needs

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Deploy quicker using template solutions with Recipes

Use template Data API configurations pre-built by Demyst for getting started on common business problems.

  • Combines multiple sources of data with out of the box business logic

  • Clone a Recipe into a Data API you can test and start customizing in seconds

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Simplify data onboarding with Data Provider Certification

Save months of time in procurement with data providers. Achieve one time compliance by performing due diligence on only Demyst.

  • Let Demyst deliver our data provider certification process for safe and compliant data access

  • Aligned with regulatory and compliance requirements for correct data collection and use

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What industry leaders are saying about Demyst

We wouldn't have been as good at what we are doing had we not had a partner like Demyst that can flip on data, data partners and data channels effectively overnight, and advise us on the other data channels and data partners we should be looking at for our benefit. Time to market with a partner like Demyst was and is crucial for our success, especially our early success.

Chief Technology Officer

Brian Lanehart
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