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Gain access to the broadest alternative and traditional data catalog with deep levels of metadata.  Our simplified workflow makes it easy to explore, test, and ultimately deploy new data strategies.

  • Convert New Customers

    Identifying additional data points on a consumer or business can unlock new segments underserved by the competition.  Learn how a leading institutions are gaining an edge.

    It’s no secret that penetrating new markets of customers is hard. Offering financial services to first-time borrowers with limited information is incredibly costly, both in terms of assessment cost and the associated risk premium institutions need to charge.

    Leading institutions are finding new ways to segment the market by searching for attributes in our platform. For example, SME lenders are using foot traffic and real-estate prices in a neighborhood to measure growth potential.

  • Identify Fraudsters

    The DemystGateway helps our clients aggregate data from various sources to provide high match-rates on potential fraudsters.

    Fraudsters are relentlessly finding new, more sophisticated ways to commit fraud. Driven by an overreliance on legacy systems and the slow adoption of newer technology, financial institutions struggle to tackle ever-growing new methods to commit fraud.

    As part of any informed credit decision, institutions need to ensure that they are mitigating potential fraudulent behavior – be it through knowledge-based authentication of first-party fraud or through more intricate synthetic fraud profiles.

  • Know Your Clients

    Compliance has never been more complex and regulated. Such requirements, however, are not optional and getting them wrong can be hugely detrimental.

    On the business side, conducting time-consuming and expensive manual verifications can easily get in the way of effectiveness. Companies must also rely on static and subjective calculations to assess their customers, making it difficult to ensure that their clients are who they say they are.

    On the consumer side, customers expect the highest level of convenience online, regardless of the providers, and cumbersome processes lead to large drop-off rates.

    These challenges are addressed with the DemystGateway that automates processes, minimizes friction, and prioritizes the most updated and accurate information at the right time.


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