DemystData Continues to Improve the Speed and Ease of Data Access

Find the data you need faster.

With our updated search capabilities, searching through all the external data products through our web interface will be easier than ever. Whether you know the the data product, specific attribute, or just general category you’re looking for, just start typing a key word or phrase and we’ll do the rest. The catalog search instantly shows the most relevant results per category, and refreshes them whenever you change your search term.

Quick search functionality, allowing users to search by data providers, products, attributes, and tags.

Where: This change applies to the DemystData Marketplace.

Why: Searching by categories isn’t new, but we made it easier and faster. You no longer have to scroll through a long list of search results to get to the one you need. Now you can focus on the most relevant results by product, attribute, and tag and expand any category where you want to see more results.

One-click data access.

Getting access to data should be easy. The Demyst Marketplace allows you to explore hundreds of data sets at no cost, and now you can access sample data for each external data product, or request sample data with the click of a button.

Preview of the product information pane, with easy access to download sample data.

Where: This change applies to the Demyst Marketplace catalog.

Why: We know that determining the most relevant data for your enrichment is a challenging task, and we want to make sure you are armed with all of the information you need to make the right decisions. It’s important to get real data into your hands, so the sample data we provide showcases real attributes returned against DemystData’s representative population sample. This way, you can compare data products according to your business needs and best practices. And the best part is, you can access all of these insights with no cost, contracts, or uploading your first party data.

As we continue to improve our functionality across our platform, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please contact us at to share your thoughts or for more information about these features.

Michelle Sigalov

Michelle Sigalov

Product Manager
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