Attributes as a Service

Unlock real-time data sources. Automate decisions to capture more customers. Slash fraud and risk.

  • 5,000+ Attributes
  • 375,000,000+ Transactions
  • 150+ Sources

What are you missing?

Right now, there are a few powerful attributes living across dozens of data sources, internal and external, structured and unstructured, that can instantly increase your ability to find and accept more consumer/small business customers, vastly reduce manual verifications and operating costs, reduce risk/fraud, and drive new top-line revenue. Working across the world's Tier 1 banks, online lenders, telcos, and insurance companies, our open platform and leading libraries deliver attributes as a service in real-time, putting you in control of the most powerful signals to leverage the full universe of available data.

DemystData's trio of products allow for the creation of intuitive, structured, actionable data attributes from messy and unstructured data, the ability to optimize workflows and improve risk decisions through more and better data, and the power to connect to a limitless range of data sources while defining custom attributes and rules which can be combined into packages and executed in realtime.

We have helped the world’s largest banks, telecommunications providers, insurers, and lenders more accurately screen over 300m customers. And we’re just getting started.

Automated Identity Verification

Validate address, phone, and email address individually and in combination across numerous sources.

15 Attributes 5 Sources
Income Consistency

Compare self-reported income to estimates based on jobtitle, life status, industry, and purchase behavior.

6 Attributes 10 Sources
Employment Verification

Verify an individual's self-reported employment by checking sources including business registration data, company web pages, and self-reported information.

5 Attributes 5 Sources
Conversion Triage

Use email history, demographics, social profiles and more to identify customers likely to qualify and be approved for your products

30 Attributes 8 Sources
Lead Prioritization

Optimize marketing efforts with data useful in segmenting customers and determining suitability for various products.

25 Attributes 9 Sources