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Farmers Insurance
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Farmers Insurance
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Unlock the power of external data

External data is the next frontier of business impact, powering competitive advantages across industries, but businesses struggle with the complexity of implementation.

Compared to managing data yourself, with Demyst you can experience up to:

Faster deployments to meet your accelerated roadmaps

More data sources used together for greater coverage

Lower cost of onboarding new data to maximize ROI

The platform to manage all your external data

Demyst is an External Data Management Platform, providing data teams with the capabilities required to manage all their external data. Orchestrate at scale, tailored external data pipelines that enable business use cases.

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For any data source in the external data ecosystem, Demyst delivers:

  • Configured external data

    All your data, orchestrated with your chosen format, schema and logic

  • Deep metadata

    Automatically populate data catalogs with metadata and enable organization wide discovery

  • Batch and real time pipelines

    External data pipelines you can trust, orchestrated to any destination, at any frequency

  • Superior performance & support

    Complete visibility and best in class maintenance through logs, monitoring & incident management

  • Data evaluation support

    External data evaluation made easy, with included due diligence, procurement and delivery

Demyst empowers data teams, so they can enable their business users

Demyst empowers data teams, so they can enable their business users

Faster, easier and more robust access to any data source, for any use case, through Demyst’s External Data Management Platform

Demyst is for:

  • Data Teams managing a Data Hub or Data Mesh

    • Drive business value: Be the enabler of every business stakeholder’s top external data use case
    • Manage more external data: Deploy and manage at a lower unit cost
    • Generate trust: Deploy faster, improve performance and avoid outages
    • Be on the pulse: Monitor all external data, all the time
    • Be a business partner: Proactively identify new value-driving use cases
  • Business Teams that need external data

    • Focus on your core: Use external data to drive outcomes, leaving it’s management to your Data Hub
    • Improve data ROI: Cost effective access. Competition across data sources
    • Enable automation: Confidence in availability means confidence to automate processes
    • Optimise solutions: Understand where your data solutions can be improved
    • Foster innovation: More easily test new data for new solutions

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