Demyst – Hosted Notebooks

Python has clearly taken over big-data programming language of choice over the last few years. DemystData uses the power and ease of python to provide

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Data Access

The External Data Imperative

“First we have to get our internal data in order”. It’s something we hear frequently. Why invest externally when there is an underutilized resource on

Data Access

Starting the External Data Journey

We all know at 30,000 feet that data generation is exploding. Telcos, social media, medical records, open banking platforms, marketing insights providers, credit bureaus, and government APIs to name a few…

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Landgrid by Loveland Technologies – Data Spotlight

We are excited to announce that Landgrid, powered by Loveland Technologies, is now available within the Demyst Marketplace. The way America is subdivided, owned, taxed, and used is of critical importance to the health and development of our communities…

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Justifying Data Discovery

56% of decision makers are expanding their use of external data (and 20% more plan to do so) according to recent Forrester Research. Taking this

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DemystData Panel Stats

DemystData has partnered with hundreds of data providers across a range of use-cases. Not only can you use the external data from these providers to

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