The Demyst Team

The Demyst Team

Demyst’s Entity Resolution: Multi-Source Recipes

It’s possible for enterprises to pull data relating to a specific entity from multiple providers, but just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s an effective use of business resources. 

Accuracy is a major concern. 

Determining whether data from one source relates to the same entity as data from another can be both time and resource intensive. The more data sources, the greater the bottleneck. 

The Demyst platform is the frictionless solution. Demyst’s proprietary entity resolution technology ensures that enterprises can seamlessly pull data from multiple sources at the confidence level of their choosing. Every API built in the Demyst platform (boutique or pre-configured) seamlessly enables access to data and the creation of custom data views, regardless of which data source is utilized.

The Demyst Ecosystem 

Instead of focusing on a single upstream data source, Demyst maximizes flexibility and efficiency through a catalog of data providers accessed through a single API. Users are able to access a wide variety of data from both upstream data sources, such as those sourced from Amazon Data Exchange, and internal data sources that are hosted directly by Demyst.

Technological Synergy

Demyst’s custom entity resolution algorithm and sophisticated API configuration make for a powerful combination. 

As described in the initial article on this subject, entity resolution is a three-part process in which disparate data points relating to an entity (such as a person, business, or property) are pulled from multiple databases, validated for accuracy, and consolidated into one comprehensive dataset. 

When configuring multi-source APIs, Demyst leverages the output of hosted data sources (which undergo Demyst’s entity resolution process) to satisfy the input requirements of upstream data sources. 

3 Key Benefits

  • Matching: accurate matches with upstream sources when data is first pulled data from a hosted source. 

  • Control: the user controls the data flow. Users choose which data sources are utilized in any Demyst API as well as what attributes are sent to each source. 

  • Flexibility: users can customize the data for their particular use case. Since they can control the confidence score, the user doesn't have to go with an upstream source’s off-the-shelf data.

Bottom line, the combination of Demyst’s entity resolution algorithm and sophisticated API configuration enables the creation of custom data views. Users control the accuracy of their match by lowering or raising their confidence threshold and determining which attributes are used as inputs for upstream sources.  


Demyst offers two types of solutions: boutique and pre-configured.

Enterprises can partner with Demyst to craft a boutique solution that is 100% custom to that enterprise and its use case. Alternatively, they can choose to leverage Demyst’s suite of pre-configured API recipes that were built to resolve common business questions. 

Take a look at the video below to view a pre-configured API that utilizes the output of a hosted data source as the input for an upstream data source. 

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