The Demyst Team

The Demyst Team

A Robust Technological Infrastructure

Trying to keep up with the rapid growth of external data can be painful without support from the right technology.

Demyst utilizes a series of purpose-built technological enhancements in addition to an advanced architecture to eliminate the friction associated with data: 

  • Discovery:  After signing up to the platform, users can easily search for data sources and pre-configured API recipes within the data and recipe catalogs thanks to region and category filters, as well as use case labels.
  • Procurement: Demyst’s auto-scalable compute application servers pull full datasets from sources within the Demyst ecosystem via the utilization of specific inputs that match those of the vendor for a given product. (An in-house algorithm updates the user-provided inputs to match those of the vendor.) The dataset is then structured into a JSON format before being made available to the user. Metadata, which is often used to configure selected reports for analysis and insight purposes, is also made available. This entire process takes milliseconds to complete and occurs entirely behind the scenes. All the user needs to worry about is following the in-platform instructions and providing the requested inputs.
  • Testing: The endlessly repeatable nature of the data enrichment and procurement process enables the rapid and effortless testing of multiple sources. Choosing a data source to test is as easy as clicking the source and satisfying the input requirements. Determining which data sources will deliver the information that accurately informs a business decision has never been simpler. 
  • Deployment: Once there has been a decision regarding which data vendors will be utilized in the productionalized API, the procurement process is repeated at scale. Enriched data is returned on the specific entities provided by the user. 

The technology behind the Demyst platform provides accelerated deployment of external data solutions across a series of use cases.  Unlock the power of external data by signing up for a free Demyst Account

Questions? Please reach out to Demyst’s international 24/7/365 support team via the in-platform chat or at

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Demyst gives you access to all of the data you need. Evaluate thousands of data attributes from hundreds of possible data connectors all pulled into your own custom-built APIs for instant data deployment.