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Demyst Team

How to Verify a U.S. Person’s Address

Every year, more than 10 percent of U.S. address records become outdated.

Not only is address verification an important tool for fraud prevention, it can also be used to improve customer service by pre-filling forms, updating internal records, and making other enhancements to the user experience. However, companies need to actively monitor the accuracy of their records. 

How often does a person’s address change?

Research suggests that around 40 million Americans move every year. This means that each year, around 13% of all U.S. address records need to be updated. Most moves are local, remaining within a single county or state, but information in a data-driven world is either correct or incorrect. Moving to a “close” location can still disrupt business processes that are no longer using a correct address.

The number of people moving to new addresses may also increase as more companies expand their technological capabilities and embrace remote work policies. Once the commute to work is no longer an issue, locations with lower costs of living and more attractive social opportunities will see larger numbers of new residents. These shifts will present further challenges for companies that need to maintain accurate address records.

The data for finding a U.S. person’s address 

An address may change, but phone numbers have become a lifeline in the age of smartphones; some people find it easier to change addresses than to change phone numbers. Once a company has a person’s name and their current phone number, several data products can be used to verify their address. 

Data providers in the certified Demyst ecosystem — including Acxiom, L2, Infutor, and Pipl — can use a person’s name and phone number to verify their U.S. address. Organizations can determine whether a single vendor will be the best fit for their specific use case, or they can use a combination of vendors.

How Demyst Can Help

A partner that specializes in external data can help enterprises manage the costs of data optimization and maintain accurate records to prevent data decay.

Instead of focusing on a single upstream data source, Demyst maximizes flexibility and efficiency through a catalog of external data providers accessed through a single API. Pre-made recipes address a large number of use cases, including finding a U.S. person’s address by using their name and phone number.

Create your free account on the Demyst platform and discover more recipes that can streamline your business processes.

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