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The Demyst Team

The Demyst Team

Addressing Data Decay in Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are a crucial component of marketing, customer relations, and account management. Indeed, apart from outbound email campaigns and Linkedin outreach, many organizations depend on phone calls for cold outreach campaigns. But in the B2B space, these records are continually changing, which can cause problems for the marketing campaigns that rely on them.

Data Decay 

Studies show that data is decaying faster than ever before

Over time, individuals within businesses change phone numbers, phone numbers may be deactivated, and where individual cell phone numbers are available, these people may no longer be associated with the targeted company.

The Effect of Data Decay

Outbound campaigns, particularly phone calls, can be quite costly. Agencies charge up to $55 per hour in certain markets. Having these agencies or in-house outbound sales teams use faulty information wastes time and money, and ultimately damages marketing performance.

To remedy this, Demyst recommends that organizations clean and update their CRM systems with up-to-date phone numbers periodically to maximize marketing campaign efficiency.

The Fraud Component

While cleaning data is important for marketing purposes, there is also an element of fraud prevention that should not be ignored. Verifying phone numbers is a key component of identity verification and know-your-customer processes to ensure that a fraudster is not providing false information in attempts to open a bank account, credit card, or other financial instrument.

Demyst Makes it Easy

Validating phone numbers is easy with Demyst’s pre-configured Phone Validation recipe. It has never been simpler to determine which numbers are dead, inactive, invalid or likely to be fraudulent.    

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