Hosted Notebooks

These hosted notebooks can be used as a quick-start introduction to various topics:

Note - The notebook links provide a read-only view. Demyst is also offering DataLabs, a secure Jupyter notebook integrated into Demyst's InfoSec service providers

notebookEDaaS API Demo

Configurable custom set of data gateway supporting full lifecycle accessible in multiple ways


notebookQuick Start

A quick guide to appending your input file with some external data (also referred here as enrichment). No technical knowledge required. Use Shift+Enter to be an "Enrichment Wizard"



Various ways you could use to authenticate with Demyst while using our Python API on Jupyter (or your preferred editor)


notebookPreparing Inputs Files

Standardizing your input and validating it against Demyst types. Standardize once and you will be able to lookup all data products without worrying what the vendors' types are. Stay tuned for type detection for automated standardization of inputs.


notebookHosted Inputs

Looking for sample inputs? Check out our hosted inputs that can be filtered down to an even smaller set of inputs.


notebookFinancial Crime

Quick demo on various providers that provide PEP/Sanctions, adverse media, ID verification, and fraud-related attributes for a business. 


notebookProperty Attributes

The notebook performs an enrichment from property data products and does a comparison of attribute values across these products.