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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a credit worth and why does Demyst issue credits?

$1 (US) translates to 100 Demyst credits. The use of credits makes keeping track of costs and remaining balances simple.

What are my charges as a PAYG (Pay As You Go) customer?

You are charged the cost of a given number of credits for each transaction made against a Data API you call. The number of credits consumed per transaction is listed on the platform, and is made up of a transaction fee of 3 credits plus a variable amount of credits based on what data you have included in your Data API.

Why does my Data API have a range of credits per API call?

When you combine multiple data connectors into a single data API, the end result is a possible range of credits per API call. The maximum of this range is simply a sum of the standard price of each of the connectors involved, plus a single transaction fee. That means that even if your data api includes multiple connectors, you are only charged for one transaction fee when you call it. The reason why the credit price is a range is that in an instance where one of the included connectors is not called, either as part of the configuration logic, or if it returns an error, you are not charged, meaning the total credits consumed will be less than the maximum range listed.

What is the difference between evaluation and production credits?

Credits consumed will either be evaluation credits for testing and building your Data API, or production credits for commercial use of your Data API once finalized. 25,000 evaluation credits are provided to your organization for free when you join the platform, and production credits are charged monthly based on consumption. This means your evaluation credits shown in the top right will be a positive number based on how many are remaining, but your production credits will be a negative number based on how much has been consumed so far. If you run out of evaluation credits you will be blocked from running any further transactions so please reach out to your Demyst account manager for a conversation on available options if this is the case.

If I want to move from PAYG (Pay As You Go) to a Premium or Enterprise Model how easy is that and how do I do it?

Moving to a Premium or Enterprise model is extremely easy to do. Please reach out to your Demyst representative via email and let them know that you’d like to make the switch.

How do I get some advice on navigating and using the platform for the first time?

Email or send a message via the platform support chat bubble. Demyst’s 24/7/365 support team will be happy to assist you.